Saturday, August 15, 2015

FINAL WEEKS of Summer Pop-Up... Open 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

PIER 39 Made In San Francisco
Summer Art Gallery
July - September
For more information, contact at or call 415-661-6263

Featured Artists for July:

Tom O'Brien - Oil and Acrylic Painting

Tom O’Brien – Oil Painting

Tom O’Brien has lived and worked in San Francisco for many years showing his work in various galleries and alternative art spaces.  During the inception of San Francisco Open Studios, he worked closely with Patty and Michael Phleger, and as a member of Artist Equity, has served on the AEA studio committee. The evolution of his work has encompassed a number of styles, from figurative works to exploration in abstract expressionist traditions.  For additional information about the artist, please visit

Golden Gate Furniture Co.

Rick Bulan – Artisan Furniture
Rick Bulan learned about the removal of the original Golden Gate Bridge pedestrian handrails from a local TV news story in 1994.  As a San Francisco native, he thought it would be great to have a headboard made from the historic steel.  After acquiring a piece of the handrail, he spent over a month learning how to cut and grind down the material to create his headboard, and the Golden Gate Furniture Co. was born.  For additional information about the artist and his company, please visit

Eric Joyner - Limited Edition Prints

Eric Joyner – Painting
A San Francisco Bay Area native, Eric Joyner discovered painting at a young age and began taking lessons as a small child.  After high school, he attended the Academy of Art and the University of San Francisco, and went on to establish himself as a commercial artist, creating illustrations for Mattel Toys, Levi’s, Microsoft, and Showtime.  After 15 years as a freelance illustrator, Eric became a gallery artist in the year 2000.  The inspiration and focus of his work is based on the fantasy world of toy robots and donuts.  For additional information about the artist, please visit

Nidhi Chanani - Illustration Prints

Nidhi Chanani – Painting
Nidhi Chanani is a freelance illustrator and artist, who was born in Calcutta and raised in suburban California.  Nidhi received formal training in illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from the University of California-Santa Cruz.  She has worked with Hasbro, Paramount Pictures, ABC, Disney, Boom Studios and a variety of other clients.  She is currently working on her debut graphic novel, Pashmina, to be published by First Second Books.  For additional information about the artist, please visit

Christy Gregory - Photography

Christy Gregory – Photography
Christy discovered her love for photography in high school, shortly after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.  As a child growing up in Kentucky, the ocean had always been a mysterious place that she dreamed of visiting someday, and now feels very lucky to live so close to it.  She is drawn to nature and open space, and holds a particular affinity for the ocean.  Her photography tends to focus on the smaller details of nature and objects found in the world around her.  For additional information about the artist, contact